Golden Krav

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See the secret of Krav

The Krav is characterised by its multifunctionality and by the convenience that the tool brings. You can work more quickly and see better results.

The secret lies in the clever combination of a scraper and a special broom. The scraper is robust and lasts a long time. The broom has been specially designed to reach to extreme depths. You can really get into the cracks, edges of tiles and corners.

The Krav is supplied with a solid telescopic handle so you can simply adjusts the Krav’s height. This means that you don’t have to strain your back but that you can work effectively at the right height for you.

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Easily remove the weeds growing between the gaps in stones

Weeds are tenacious things that love to grow between the gaps of the stones in your beautifully landscaped garden. Removing the weeds by hand is such a nasty job; having to get down on your hands and knees, trying to work the weed away with a knife or screwdriver and then having to get the broom to sweep the area clean.

Imagine being able to do this unpleasant but essential job more effectively and quickly. No longer having to get on your knees trying to dig out the weeds; instead, a brilliant broom that lets you lift the weeds out of the cracks in one swift motion. How nice would that be?

Meet the Krav. The unique and innovative gardening tool that is able to remove weeds growing between stones in a snap. Grab the weed with the robust scraper, turn the Krav to the broom side and swipe the weeds in one smooth motion from the cracks. The Krav is the only gardening tool you need to keep your tiles or walls weed-free.

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