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  • Gark ouderwertse mexicaanse stalvork.

Golden Gark

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Multifunctional garden tool

The Gark allows you to remove all your garden waste smoothly, quickly and without the need for back breaking labour. Literally in a twist! Watch the video, see for yourself how easy it is to use, and purchase your Gark directly.

In the video, you will see the Gark in action. You can slide the Gark smoothly and quickly on all surfaces. You can use the Gark’s raised sides and back to easily remove large amounts of garden waste in one smooth motion. You can easily spread compost with the Gark, and it’s invaluable as a pond tool – removing leaves has never been so easy. And that’s not all: the Gark can also be used to remove animal waste.

The Gark is lightweight, strong and comfortable to handle. Imagine how many ways you can use the Gark. Order the Golden Gark directly online so you can enjoy the convenience of the Gark.

An all-purpose cleaner

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right tool for the job. Raking, for example. You have to bend numerous times to clear all the rubbish or alternate with another tool. All this is in the past with the Gark, and that’s not all.

The Gark is a fantastic garden tool for your home and its versatility will amaze you. You can use the Gark in the garden, the vegetable garden, the orchard, the recreation area and the stable.

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