In and around the stable

Horse and pony owners have to clean out the stables, paddock and pasture on a daily basis. Usually this is done with the traditional mucking fork. Due to its light weight, strength and flexibility the Gark is exceptionally suitable.

In the stable, the paddock and the pasture

In the stable
Often large amounts of the wood shavings or straw end up on the manure heap. The Gark will change that. Because of its effective sifting the shavings or straw flax will stay in the stable and only manure will be cleaned out. This means a huge saving in the costs of bedding in the stable.

In the paddock
The Gark will help you keep the hard surface of the paddock and the outside barge clean of horse manure, with the least amount of effort. The flexible teeth and the tray glide easily over the surface of soft ground and are not hindered by bumps and ridges on hard surfaces.

Golden Gark in the pasture

In the pasture
Annoying horse tracks in the paddock are difficult to keep clean with traditional stable tools.The Gark is an especially useful aid in the long grass and in the rougher areas. Because it is made of exceptionally smooth material, and because of the design of the tray and the construction of the teeth, the Gark slides smoothly over grass and soil without getting stuck. You can also lift the manure easily out of the long grass. Due to its light weight and product safety the Gark is exceptionally suitable for use by the youngest stable hand.