Golden Gark: Multifunctional garden tool

No need anymore for a seperate garden maintenance tools. From now on you rake, shovel and sift with one ergonomic and multifunctional tool to remove all your debris like leaves, mowed grass, windfall, weed and all other garbage from your garden. The Gark combines a multitude of jobs without bending anymore!

On this page we explain how you can use your Golden Gark in the Garden, The vegetable garden, the orchard and the playground. Do you want to find out how you can use the Gark in and around the stable? Visit the page: Golden Gark in and around the stable.

The garden

On the lawn
The Gark will keep your lawn clean and in good condition without you having to repeatedly bend over or to get down on your knees. Now you can remove leaves, grass, moss and other waste in an upright position, literally in a jiffy. Even after the waste has been rained into the lawn, the special construction of the Gark’s prongs will ensure that even grass and leaves stuck to the bottom are removed easily and efficiently. You avoid the nuisance of bare patches or patches with poor growth. The Gark glides easily over the grass and does not burrow into the ground.

In the flower beds
It is extremely important that after digging or pulling out weeds, and also after raking leaves and foliage, you preserve the humus in your garden. It is not unusual for a lot of this precious humus to get thrown on the waste heap or in the bin. The Gark helps to prevent this. Because of the unique construction of its teeth, the Gark’s tray slides easily and horizontally over the top layer of the soil. Then you can use the Gark like a sieve. The shape of the tray and the distance between the teeth ensures that the small particles and soil are sifted back onto the bed. The handle of the Gark (D-grip) gives the necessary stability so that you are able to shake and sift in a controlled manner.

On the paths
Whether the path is hard or made of sand and gravel, the specific design of the Gark’s teeth helps you to tidy up anything you come across easily. Any unevenness in the path will be absorbed by it’s teeth that have a slightly upward curve. The Gark is also ideal for keeping a gravel path leaf-free. Only the leaves are cleared and fine gravel is sifted back onto the path.

In the pond
Thread algae, foliage and plant waste all find their way into your pond. Because the Gark’s tray is open and has teeth that are closely spaced can it clear the pond without difficulty. An important advantage of the Gark is that its flexible teeth will not damage the lining of your pond.

Also when it comes to fertilising your lawn or flower beds the Gark is the perfect tool, especially for spreading compost or dry manure. Because of its large tray and large loading capacity you can shovel up large quantities in one go. The closely spaced teeth ensure an accurate and even spread of the fertiliser.

In your allotment

You know the traditional potato fork with its capped points, heavy and hard on hour back because of its short shaft. The Gark makes this a thing of the past. The next generation of garden tool for harvesting your potatoes, onions, bulbs but for all your debris as well.

Bulbs and tubers
The Gark is extremely well-suited to digging up bulbs and tubers manually and whenever large amounts of soil need to be sifted out. Because of the flexible, rounded teeth of the tray the bulbs and tubers will not be damaged.

Weeds and foliage
Weeding is one of the most time consuming activities in the vegetable garden. After raking up the weeds and foliage a lot of valuable soil ends up in the wheelbarrow. All of that is history with the Gark because ‘garking’ makes raking, shovelling and sifting as easy as snapping your fingers.

In the orchard

Fruit doesn’t only fall from the tree because it is overripe but also because it has been spoiled by insects and birds. This windfall needs to be removed from the orchard before it causes any diseases. The Gark is an excellent tool for both harvesting and for clearing.

You don’t need to pick up fallen fruit with your hands any more. With the Gark you can gather up fruit comfortably and effectively from the long grass. An important advantage when gathering the fruit is that the Gark doesn’t damage the fruit.

And of course the Gark is also suitable for use under nut trees and for picking up conkers, pine cones and even acorns.


At camping sites, around beach pavilions, in parks and at festival grounds you and other visitors will find litter, especially round and about the trash bins. The Gark will clear this up very easily.

At camping sites
The Gark is ideal for quickly and efficiently clearing up the litter at camping sites, around trash bins, at playgrounds and in sand pits.

On the beach
Because the Gark moves smoothly over the surface of fine sand, you can clear away all litter quickly without having to come into direct contact with it. The special construction of the Gark ensures the fine sand is sifted back.

At festival or exhibition grounds
Once everyone has gone home, the mess and rubbish has to be cleared away: cans, plastic containers, food, paper, you name it, and it’s there. Here, too, the Gark is a real asset. Smoothly gliding over the ground and through the grass it clears away all the litter.