Raking, sieving and clearing in no time          
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Raking, sieving and clearing in no time

Discover the surprisingly large number of uses for the Gark. When it comes to removing gardening refuse, the Gark is the total solution.
You will find yourself discovering more and more possibilities. And as a result of its comfortable use,
you will soon notice that it is the most commonly used tool in your garden shed.

After hoeing, rake away the weeds and gather  them in one scoop, sieve out
       the humus-rich soil and remove only the weeds (not your garden soil)
The Gark enables you to easily and comfortably  rake leaves, mowed grass,
       pruning refuse and all other rubbish.
Keep you pond clean of algae and all sorts of filth blown into it.
Spreading fertilisers such as compost evenly has never been so simple.
And even equalising you garden bed or substrate for paving is easy.
A quick and efficient method for gathering droppings from your pets or from        other four- legged visitors.
And ...in the winter use this tool to clear your  ground of snow.

The Golden Gark® is extremely flexible and slides smoothly over the ground instead of in the ground. Due to its well-thought out form, you no longer need to bend while this lightweight, yet very strong tool, contributes to a most comfortable gardening experience.